Final week!

This is it, this is my last week before reintroduction phase of the FODMAPs diet. I’m so very very excited and scared. What if I start reintroducing foods and discover that I’m intolerant of everything!

But, I’m moving past that, and focussing on the positive. What food group to reintroduce. It was a toss up for me between getting wheat back into my diet or garlic and onions, until I realised that by reintroducing Oligos, I get garlic, onion, chickpeas, wheat, Almonds, Cashews, a bunch of beans that I love and a bunch of other things. So it’s a clear win for me.

Second food group will have to be Fructose, then Polyols and, finally, Lactose. Why am I leaving Lactose till last? Because I’m pretty certain it’s going to come back as a no-no food and I figured I might as well let my body improve a little more before I tax it with something I’m certain isn’t good.

Now, which Oligos first? Wheat or garlic?

Three weeks of Dinners

4 Feb 2014


Monday Leftovers
Tuesday Beef stir fry & rice 
Wednesday Baked potatoes
Thursday Tacos 
Friday Pizza
Saturday Chicken, tomato pasta
Sunday  Take out Fish and Chips

11 Feb 2014


Monday Coconut crusted chicken with salad
Tuesday Salmon, kale, mashed potato, salad with feta, cherry toms, baby spinach, cucumber & garlic chives
Wednesday Pork with orange sauce, broccoli, carrots & beans, served with rice
Thursday Nacho
Friday Pizza
Saturday Potato wedges (with crispy bacon, sour cream & cheese), leafy green salad
Sunday Roast beef & veg

18 Feb 2014


Monday Chicken stir fry with broccoli, carrot, chard, beans and sesame seeds (fish sauce, tamari & sesame oil)
Tuesday  Gluten Free Potstickers (here, here or here)
Wednesday  Rice Paper rolls with prawns & steamed vegetables, thin Japanese omelettes & rice noodles.
Thursday Beef & Broccoli
Friday Pizza
Saturday Slow cooker chicken Tostadas
Sunday  Roast of some description

Good Food Friday – Happy Nachos with Tomato and Corn Salsa

Going for something like this for dinner tonight. Although, I wont be adding the sweet corn (as it’s not FODMAP friendly). I might use lime juice instead of lemon – but I’ll have to see how much I feel like having a gin before I decide on that move. I’ll also be using lactose free yogurt instead of sour cream, mostly because I don’t have any sour cream:) I’ll also add some garlic chives, which I’m currently putting in everything, and frying up some beef in garlic infused avocado oil, ground cumin and turmeric. Yum yum yum, can’t wait.

Coconut Chicken Schnitzel or Nuggets (Gluten Free, Low Fodmap)

Tonights dinner will be this, with a side of amaranth tabouli (as I don’t have any quinoa). I’m going to base it on this recipe:

In other news: I’ve been having ups and downs with the diet, and they’ve been physically noticeable ones. I’ve had to just eat what I could on various occasions due to “life” or rebellion. I’ve tried to stick to the diet though and found that the digestive issues later just aren’t worth it.
When you have a condition 24/7 you get used to it, it just is. When that condition goes away for a while, you forget how crudey it was. When it comes back, it can hit you like a sledge hammer and you can’t believe you ever put up with it before hand.
I just wish that the times I’ve broken the diet, it could have been with just one of the eliminated groups. I’m going to give myself till the end of February to “stay clean” and then I’ll begin to reintroduce foods. It would be nice to discover that I have limited intolerances, but I’m not holding my breath.

I love love love this dish,  one of my favourite ways of cooking chicken.  Beautiful flavour and the kids cant get enough of it.  I was out of bread crumbs a while ago and wanted to chicken nuggets for the kids and had plenty of coconut so I blitzed some shredded coconut in the food processor to resemble bread crumbs and used them instead, the result super yummy chicken nuggets for the kids or schnitzel if you wanted larger chicken!!  So quick and simple and you can serve with steamed or roasted veggies or even a salad or as I did here my quinoa tabbouleh found here  Give it ago you’ll love it.  I have used coconut flour but its just not the same, I much prefer using shredded coconut and giving it a few seconds in the food processor.

I just chuck the ingredients into a bowl…

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Saturday – Chicken Curry Low FODMAP

Looking forward to trying this one next week. I might replace the asafoetida powder for green parts of spring onions or leeks though as it’s impossible to get wheat free asafoetida here.

clinical alimentary

Last night I cooked a chicken curry here is the recipe.


6 skinless chicken thighs

1 tablespoon of garlic infused olive oil

1 aubergine

2 large tomatoes

3 teaspoons of cornflour

1 teaspoon of cumin seeds

1 teaspoon of coriander seeds

4 split cardamom pods

1/2 teaspoon of asafoetida

1 teaspoon of chilli powder (Omit this if it makes your symptoms worse)

1/2 yellow pepper

1 Green pepper

200 mls of water or home-made chicken stock (without garlic and onion)

Salt & pepper to taste


Cut up the aubergine into small pieces, also cut the tomato

Add oil to pan and heat

Add spices to the pan and cook for a minute to release the aroma

Add chicken

cook for 5 minutes

Then add stock and the aubergine and the tomato, add cornflour (mix with a small amount of water to blend first and make a smooth paste)

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Feta dip for the win!

200 g block feta
1/4 cup lactose free greek yogurt
1/4 cup olive oil
6 ish pieces of jalapeño peppers (from a jar, add more or less to your taste)

Place all ingredients into a small blender and whizz to creamy perfection.

This was good, I mean, brave the blades on the blender to taste that last bit, good.

I plan to use mine as both a dip and a spread. I think sticking to this simple example, you could replace the jalapeño with baby spinach leaves or sun-dried tomatoes (the oil kind, if you did this you could also replace the olive oil with the oil the tomatoes are stored in for extra flavour).

Camembert Chicken

Last night I created a camembert chicken recipe with roast veg. Why? Because I have chicken breasts, camembert and good roasting veg and that’s about it, in the fridge:)

  • Recipe serves 4
  • Preparation time 30 minutes
  • Cooking time 1 hour


  • 1/4 (or less) Jap pumpkin
  • 3 large baking potatoes
  • 2 medium carrots
  • Any other roasting veg (I like to throw in some capsicum and broccoli, even a little zucchini/courgette)
  • 4 Skinless chicken breasts
  • 75 g Camembert cheese, sliced
  • 2 tsp  Italian mixed herbs
  • Pepper & salt
  • 2 tomatoes, chopped
  • 30 mls Extra virgin olive oil (or if you have made garlic/onion infused oil, use that, I am)


  • Preheat oven to 200°C (fan forced)
  • Dice the pumpkin, carrot & potato into similar sized portions no bigger then 1″ chunks
  • Toss the veg with some olive oil, mixed herbs, salt and pepper and bake for 30 minutes
  • Meanwhile, cut a pocket into each chicken breast
  • Place sliced camembert into each pocket and sprinkle with dried herbs
  • Secure filling with toothpicks
  • Sprinkle over salt, pepper and more mixed herbs (or just thyme)
  • Place on backing paper in oven dish
  • Turn down oven to 180°C
  • Add the chopped tomatoes and drizzle with oil
  • Add any other veg you have to the veg dish
  • Bake for 20 – 30 minutes, or until everything is cooked
    (I actually found that the chicken needed another 20 minutes)


Life hasn’t been as easy this month as I’d hoped. I’ve been overdoing things in the excitement of the final stages of our house build which resulted in me crashing for the last three days. Today I’m actually up and about a little. I sorted the washing, had a shower, got my son ready for school and now I’m feeling a little less energetic, weak, soar throat sort of stuff, bit of brain fog around the edges.

On top of that we’ve had meetings and family things to deal with and me crashing and husband super busy has resulted in me being either not fed or fed badly for a few meals (badly as in junk food and FODMAP no-no foods). I also succumbed to indulging in comfort foods containing lactose.

Another big suck was that the 100% spelt sourdough bread I had ordered from my amazing baker was miscommunicated and they took it to the wrong market and sold it to someone else when I didn’t show. I was REALLY hanging out for this bread and actually cried when hubby gave me the bad news (I was crashing, give me some slack).

However, bread has been reordered for Wednesday but will require an hour round trip to collect it and the meals I have managed to organise myself have all been FODMAP friendly. Today is also the restart of childcare/preschool and that means we get some routine back into our days. You do not know how happy that makes me.

Other things I’m struggling with right now is flavour. Having no garlic and onion in my meals is really bugging me. Things just don’t taste right and you simply can’t by ANYTHING pre-made in the supermarket for dinner that doesn’t contain one, the other, or both!

I’m going to try and get my hands on a certain spice used in Ayurvedic cooking called asafetida, which tastes like onions. I found it really interesting to know hear that in Ayurvedic cooking, you can’t use any of the allum family (leeks, shallots, onions, garlic etc), because they increase passion and ignorance. I’m not sure about the passion bit, but I do know I’m becoming less ignorant as I look for alternatives to high FODMAP foods.

One big win on the food front has been my brunch of choice. Several days I’ve been so slow moving that most of the morning would vanish before I’d eaten, but it was still too early for lunch. Having no quick easy toast option’s (’cause that rice bread stuff is gross), I found a leftover boiled potato in the fridge. Brain went into creative but simple cooking mode and I had a sort of potato hash.

1 -2 small/medium boiled (or baked) potatoes, squished
1 rasher diced bacon (or ham, or mushrooms)
1-2 eggs (depending on size of eggs and how much potato you use)
handful of other fryable/leftover veg if you wish (I sliced up some capsicum/bell peppers)
handful of grated parmesan cheese

If using bacon and or mushrooms, fry them in a little olive oil, then toss them into a medium sized bowl.
Add potato, eggs and any veg, cheese, dash of salt and pepper and mix together.
Poor mixture into a frying pan and smooth out to either fit a small pan or until mixture is no more then an inch thick.
Cook until golden brown on the bottom and you can then either try your luck with a flip to the other side, or, as I do, place the pan under the grill until the top is golden brown.

Serve on a bed of baby spinach leaves (possibly add some salad dressing to these first). Enjoy

Potato Hash

The “CAN” foods

According to Monash University’s FODMAP group, these are the foods I can have during the elimination phase of the FODMAP diet. There are one or two others that can be added, but I don’t like them so I’ve left them out.

Fruit Veg Other Nuts/Seeds Grains/Cereals Diary/Eggs Sweetener
Grapes Spinach Potato Chips Macadamia Rice Eggs Stevia
Strawberries Kale Flax Seed LSA Quinoa Lactose Free Milk Maple Syrup
Blueberries Carrots Chia Seed Coconut Millet Lactose Free Yogurt
Bananas (not ripe) Celeriac 70%+ dark choc Pumpkin Oats (1/4 cup) Coconut Milk
Citrus Capsicum Seaweed Sunflower Buckwheat Parmesan
Tamarillos Alfalfa Chia Almond Gouda
Kiwi Fruit Choy sum Qunioa Cornmeal Jarlsberg
Mandarins Red Chillies Walnuts Rice Bubbles (1/2 cuo) Swiss
Dried Cranberries Avocado Pine nuts Corn Flakes Edam
Dried Raisons Pumpkin, jap Sesame Corn thins (1) Tasty
Pineapple Cabbage (common) Spelt Camembert
Raspberries Chives Polenta Cheddar
Potato Chickpeas (1/4 cup) Creamed Cottage
Tomatoes Cream Cheese
Ginger Feta
Cucumbers Mozzarella
Celery (tops only) Pecorino
Spring Onions (tops) Soft white mould cheeses
Aubergine Whipped cream (2tbs)
Green Beans
Bok Choy
Leek leaves
Squish, gem
Water chestnuts
 Bean sprouts
 Maize (not sweet corn)

I think it’s really important to focus on the positives, the can eat, foods, rather then worry about all those things I can’t have.

FODMAP reset

January 1st is my FODMAP restart date. I made a really lovely batch (despite forgetting to add the oil) of mixed berry muffins (gluten and dairy free). I’ve added most of them to the freezer for treats next week. I’m so happy that the self-raising flour I purchased several months ago turned out so nice, it’s going to make life a little more tolerable.

I’ve also discovered that my favourite baker, who does THE most delicious sourdough breads does 100% spelt and 100% Rye breads. I’m going to ask if he would do spelt croissants and other delectable treats.

I have my weeks of meal plannings that I need to add too, but half the work is done already, as is most of the research. Beware FODMAPs, I’m coming for you on the 1st!